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St. Catherine and Mount Moses

The monastery has been called the oldest working Christian monastery in the world. The Burning Bush is located inside the monastery. Mount Sinai is the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments.


Day Trip Monastery only

We leave Dahab at 8 in the morning and drive for 2 hours to visit St. Catherine’s Monastery. We will have 2 hours to visit the Monastery then at 12 pm we will start driving back to Dahab, we will be back in Dahab around 2 pm.

Including: entrance fee and transportation


Day Trip Sunset

We leave Dahab at 8:00 am and drive for 2 hours to visit St. Catherine’s Monastery then we will climbing Mount Sinai to see the sunset, and climb down Mount Sinai, to take our car and drive back to Dahab. We will be back in Dahab around 8:30 – 10:00 pm, depending on time of sunset.

Including: entrance fee, transportation and guide (for the mountain only)

Night Trip Sunrise

We start at 11 in the evening, driving for 2 hours to the monastery and the mountain. We start climbing the mountain at 01:00 with our guide. We can enjoy looking at the stars while waiting for the sunrise. After the sunrise we climb down the mountain to visit the monastery of St. Catherine and we will be back in Dahab around noon.

Including: entrance fee, transportation and guide (for the mountain only)

Guide in the monastery available at extra cost (35 Euros per trip)



Dear guests,

Please note that the St Catherine trip is controlled by regulations from the Egyptian government. In an effort to help the Bedouin of Sinai, the government assigns Bedouin mountain guides to all tour groups. As a consequence, we do not have control over which guide is assigned to you; the knowledge of English and level of service may differ from guide to guide.

Also, the government assigns drivers to tour groups travelling to St Catherine. As a consequence we have no control over the level of skill or service of the driver. This measure is a result of fierce competition between drivers in Dahab. In order to solve this issue, the drivers now take turns and are assigned the trip one after the other. Whichever office you book with in Dahab, you will always be part of the same group going to St Catherine that particular day. The only way we can control which driver will go with you to St Catherine, is for you to organise a private trip for you or your group with us.

We thank you for your understanding.

– Please bring: your passport, good hiking shoes, warm clothes, long trousers, sunglasses and sun lotion, drinking water, snacks/food (day trip), money for souvenirs or camel ride, camera

– Furthermore the monastery is closed every Sunday. Every Friday and on 6 & 18 January, 18 April, 12 July the monastery is open from 10:45 until 11:45 am. All other days the monastery is open from 9 until 11.45 am.